10 Silly Things Every Gamer Does In A Video Game When They Get Bored


Video games are huge and they are getting bigger and better each and every day. Games like Skyrim And GTA 5 can hold you down for tons of hours and because you get so immersed into the world and story. With the introduction of open world games, i think that play time stats have gone way to high.

You ever saw a comment like “I have poured 4000 Hours into BOTW” well if you have seen one of these in a steam review or youtube comment and ask yourself why this guy played this game for 4000 hours? Well, Long answer short is THE WORLD! like I said players can get lost in the imaginary world created by developers. But enough about this what if you get bored of it? then what you are going to do? Gamranx made a video on this topic and its a must watch for every gamer.

#10 Silly…

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