Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon Announced For 3DS, Leaving Many Switch Owners Disappointed


If you had asked me this time yesterday about what Nintendo would announce today, I would have assured you it was going to be Pokemon Stars for the Nintendo Switch. POkemonMoonandSun-840x480“Pokemon Stars” has long been rumored to be an upgraded Nintendo Switch port of Pokemon Sun and Moon that was released last November for the 3DS. When today’s Nintendo Direct was first announced, it was assumed that they would, at last, reveal to the fans the much-anticipated game.

Except they did not do that.

Instead what was announced was an upgraded version of the game titled, “Pokemon Ultra Sun” and “Pokemon Ultra Moon.” They will feature an alternate storyline, as well as some new Pokemon, with a planned release date of November 17.


However, Switch owners were not left completely in the dark. Pokken Tournament Dx is going to be released on Nintendo Switch systems on September 27. An upgraded…

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