The 3 Big Blog Secrets. Content, Internal Links And Keywords – by Derek Haines…

Three ways you can increase your blog traffic without very much effort

“How can I get more organic traffic to my blog?”

Almost every blogger asks this question.

If you have a blog, you have it for a good reason. Perhaps you are using your blog to sell your products or services or to generate advertising or affiliate income.

For authors, it is the most efficient means of promoting your books and ebooks.

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You Are Doing Your Marketing Wrong (and I Have the Data to Prove It)

You know what’s interesting about having an ad agency?

It’s that you get to talk to companies of all sizes and learn what causes them to grow.

And I know what you are thinking… “Neil, shouldn’t you be the one telling companies how to grow”?

Technically, yes. And I do.

But at the same time, I need to analyze what a company has done so far to come up with the best marketing strategy for them.

And the sad reality is, most marketers and companies are focusing on the wrong things. (I’ll go over how to fix it later in this post.)