The 3 Big Blog Secrets. Content, Internal Links And Keywords – by Derek Haines…

Three ways you can increase your blog traffic without very much effort

“How can I get more organic traffic to my blog?”

Almost every blogger asks this question.

If you have a blog, you have it for a good reason. Perhaps you are using your blog to sell your products or services or to generate advertising or affiliate income.

For authors, it is the most efficient means of promoting your books and ebooks.

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8 Tips for Hosting Successful Book Club Meeting When No One has Read the Book




Most of the Book Clubs are started with a fair bit of optimism. Host assumes that everyone will read the book and club will have fascinating discussions with the group of readers. But every time the day of ‘book club meeting’ arrives and most of the members have not finished that book and some of them didn’t even open it. Sometimes the host is also unable to finish the book group has decided to read that month. The book club meeting goes without any discussions on the book of the month. As a host or as a member, this might lose your faith in your club.


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